RE: Extracting files off “unknown” 8 inch disks. Any thoughts…

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>> In the PDP-10 realm not less than a handful Tops10. ITC, more.

> TOPS-10 doesn't have any filesystems for floppy disks, though the KL10
> front-end PDP-11/40 running RSX-20F does, and there are utilities to access
> RSX and RT11 filesystems from TOPS-10.

Unsupported utilities.

Also, RSX-20F can only handle RX01 format.  An RX02 drive can be used, but
not an RX02 format diskette.

> AFAIK, the situation is the same for TOPS-20.  I don't have any idea
> whether ITS, WAITS, Tenex, or the Compuserve Monitor ever had any different
> floppy disk support.

TOPS-20 has no support for the front end RX01, nor does WAITS (which loads the
front end from DECtape, not floppy).  I doubt that TENEX does, since it runs on
KA-10 and KI-10 processors (front ends are loaded from the main processor, not
from their own peripherals).  ITS on the KL-10 is like WAITS, AFAIK:  DECtape,
not floppies.  I can't speak to the CI$ monitor or Tymcom-X.


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