BETSI Expander for the Commodore PET

John Ball ball.of.john at
Tue May 9 21:56:42 CDT 2017

>This sounds an awful lot like the KIMSI, which was the same manufacturer. I
>have such a unit, and as you would expect, it connects to the KIM-1. I can
>drag it out and take a picture of it but I don't remember it particularly
>complex on the board.

I know Bruce Damer has a KIMSI as well in the collection. In fact it seems
like the KIMSI was a lot more popular as I can find far more photos of it
than the BETSI.
Unfortunately in my digging I am still unable to get the layout diagrams to
reproduce the board but photographs of the front and back will work just as
well. If anyone has a BETSI and is willing to take the photos for me please
drop me a message.


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