Morrow 8" disk image CP/M uploaded

william degnan billdegnan at
Tue May 9 20:56:15 CDT 2017


I was contacted though my site by someone looking for a boot disk for their
California Computer System S-100 2200 computer with Morrow's Disk Jockey
DJ/DMA floppy disk controller.  I checked and found what might be a
suitable disk.

I imaged the disk and the file has been uploaded to my web site along with
a PDF of the directory the original owner printed and inserted into the
disk sleeve. Does anyone have such a drive controller and would like to
take a look at this image to see if it's usable?  Uploaded, here:

There may be something wrong with the disk.  The label reads
8" Morrow E14 Phil's System Disk Backup 9/22/86
Permanent error on boot track

Despite what was printed on the lable I was able to image the disk without
error.  I am hoping the error referred to in the hand-written label is not
a physical error and can be edited/corrected.  Maybe this disk is
salvageable, maybe the error is a BIOs thing.

There was talk about trying to find a diskJockey boot disk on this list a
few weeks ago (right?), if so I hope this is useful.  If anyone attempts to
read, let me know how it goes.


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