Need help reproducing a PCB

Anders Nelson anders.k.nelson at
Wed May 10 11:20:02 CDT 2017

Hey Jim,

I can probably do this for you but I'm pretty busy for the moment. What's
your desired timeline? I've been using EAGLE since 2005 so I'm familiar.


Anders Nelson

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> If this is a one off all you need to do is print the negatives on
> transparency material with a laser printer.
> The laser printers tend to have a little more opacity than ink jets do but
> I have done this with an ink jet
> printer as well.  I also once plotted directly on the bare copper with a
> sharpie and had it turn out ok.
> Align the negatives on the sensitized board stock.
> Expose.
> Develop.
> Etch.
> Drill
> Solder in your feed throughs.
> Put the parts on the board.
> Debug
> If on the other hand you want to make even 5 boards you would be better off
> with your approach.
> Best wishes!
> --
> Doug Ingraham
> PDP-8 SN 1175

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