Need help reproducing a PCB

Jim Brain brain at
Wed May 10 12:52:49 CDT 2017

On 5/10/2017 11:29 AM, Alexandre Souza via cctalk wrote:
> Anders, mind sharing which method you use to redraw a PCB? I have lots of
> interest in this subject.
I know the question was not directed at me, but since I am doing exactly 
this, I can offer my perspective.

  * I first scanned the files
  * Then, I reversed the back and cropped so both pics were the same
    size and orientation
  * I then used a photo manipulation app to create two "layers" and put
    the two images in a layer each
  * I then created a new layer and set the brush to small
  * I then created a schematic of the unit in EAGLE, putting all of the
    parts in the schematic in the general location as they were on the board
  * I the started tracing over the layers, turning on or off the top
    layer to see and trace the bottom layer.
  * Once I found two connections, I added the connection in EAGLE schematic
  * Repeat until all traces are covered with a brush stroke
  * I then had a really horrid looking schematic
  * The next step was to clean up the schematic
  * Next, I laid out the PCB according to the original, placing all of
    the parts in the same place.
  * Now, I intend to trace the metal into the PCB design.  I figure if
    there any discrepency, then I can fix the schematic and I will have
    more confidence that the design is correct.
  * The last step is to get a PCB manufactured, and see if the design
    still works.


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