Morrow 8" disk image CP/M uploaded

allison allisonportable at
Thu May 11 18:08:58 CDT 2017

On 05/09/2017 09:56 PM, william degnan via cctech wrote:
> Hi,
> I was contacted though my site by someone looking for a boot disk for their
> California Computer System S-100 2200 computer with Morrow's Disk Jockey
> DJ/DMA floppy disk controller.  I checked and found what might be a
> suitable disk.
> I imaged the disk and the file has been uploaded to my web site along with
> a PDF of the directory the original owner printed and inserted into the
> disk sleeve. Does anyone have such a drive controller and would like to
> take a look at this image to see if it's usable?  Uploaded, here:
> There may be something wrong with the disk.  The label reads
> 8" Morrow E14 Phil's System Disk Backup 9/22/86
> Permanent error on boot track
> Despite what was printed on the lable I was able to image the disk without
> error.  I am hoping the error referred to in the hand-written label is not
> a physical error and can be edited/corrected.  Maybe this disk is
> salvageable, maybe the error is a BIOs thing.
> There was talk about trying to find a diskJockey boot disk on this list a
> few weeks ago (right?), if so I hope this is useful.  If anyone attempts to
> read, let me know how it goes.
> Bill
As you have found out the system tracks (the first two tracks/cylinders)
on the media
are very system specific.  It can be perfect but wrong controller and it
not boot or it can even be the right controller but wrong serial ports
then it boots but can't communicate.

FYI the CCS system CPU board (IF CCS) has a good monitor on the board
and can do a fair amount of stuff.  IF he has the CCS IO board and disk
controller life is easier as the DISK controller carries the boot code.

bitsavers has manuals.

If one has the sorurce for bios building a bootable disk is not terrible
to do
by hand.  In that case the existing disk may be at least partially useful
as CP/M (CCP and BDOS) is universal and only the bios is system specific.


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