Panel ID?

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Fri May 12 12:41:35 CDT 2017

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> Cory asks:
> >
> I had always thought Transistor Electronics Corporation had something to
> do with CDC (both in Minneapolis) but CHM tells me I was wrong: it was a
> spin-off from Univac: http://www.computerhistory.
> org/brochures/companies.php?alpha=t-z&company=com-42bc22fbb9812
> Tim.
> Thanks for digging that up, Tim. I have a real thing for controls and
displays; according to that brochure, TEC not only offered components, but
complete panels with legends and layout to the customer's spec.

The Univac connection makes some sense as this came from the estate of a
retired Univac engineer. Of course, CDC/RemRand lines get a little blurry
given CDC's start. -C

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