xv and VMS

Richard Loken rlloken at telus.net
Tue May 16 23:03:05 CDT 2017

On Wed, 17 May 2017, David Griffith via cctalk wrote:

> I ask because I've been scraping together patches for xv and collecting them 
> into a Github repo[1].  I've finished adding all the patches collected by 
> Greg Roelofs, patches from OpenBSD, and now I'm working on eliminating unsafe 
> calls like strcpy() and sprintf().  Could I get some of you VMS people to 
> check out my work and submit any necessary changes?

Well!  That is a horse of a differant colour!

I will be glad to let you do the work instead of me and I will be glad 
compile it and run it and submit bug reports etc.  This is work worth
doing IMHO.

I also have a long neglected plan to port the heirloom troff/nroff code
over to VMS just because I am too lazy to switch to Digital Standard Runoff.

No matter what the platform, of all the image viewers/editors out there,
XV is the viewer I love the best!!!!!!

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