Old Soviet PDP-11-type DVK-3 computers available

Andriy Romanenko bigral at hotmail.com
Wed May 17 10:24:18 CDT 2017

For those interested, DVK CPU boards are available. These boards incorporate CPU+SLU+ROM+RAM+extra. Also, available corresponding metric-QBUS (AKA MPI-bus) connectors. MPI-bus electrically compatible with QBUS, so it's possible to extend original QBUS backplane with 1 MPI-type connector and use all available QBUS controllers with DVK CPU boards. DVK2 compatible with LSI-11 (56kW) and DVK3 compatible with F-11(128kW). Those boards assembled with widely available components, so repair and building new boards is possible. Contact me for further information.

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> I received the following email from Michael Veselov.  Please address
> your inquiries directly to him at mihail.veselov at gmail.com:

Seems quite a few of us did.  The machines are very interesting
(PDP-11 clones from Elektronika), however they are also in Moscow.

Anyone got a boat?

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