Free to a good home, VAXstation 3100 M38, memory errors

Aaron Jackson aaron at
Wed May 17 11:17:52 CDT 2017

I have a VAXstation 3100 m38 which fails its POST due to problems with
the on board memory. I am not particularly interested in trying to fix
it myself, as I have another VAXstation which I am fond of. However, if
anyone else would like to try and repair it, it is free to a good home.

It seems as though the battery had leaked and caused some. I've cleaned
it up a bit but of course this wasn't enough to fix it.

The only condition is that you also take it with its alleged life long
partner, a working VR290 display (cables included). I'm based in
Nottingham, UK. Please contact me off list if you are interested.



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