BBS software for the PDP 11

Bill Gunshannon bill.gunshannon at
Thu May 18 06:49:28 CDT 2017

Well, that would depend on the OS in use.  There are BBS programs for Unix.
I used one that came from one of the sources newsgroups decades ago and it
worked really well (I never tried on a PDP-11 but there was nothing in it that
would preclude this.  I did it on a SYS III Xenix clone).  BSD 2.11 should run
fine on a 34 or 23 and there is always Ultrix-11 which I have certainly run on
the 23.


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There may have been Rainbow BBS programs, but I doubt anything for the
11/34.  You may have to write this.

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> I have both a pdp 11/34 and 11/23 and am trying to find some bbs software
> to run. Preferably something that will run under an os and not monopolize
> the whole machine.
> Any suggestions? i have not had much luck finding anything.
> --Devin

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