BBS software for the PDP 11

Paul Koning paulkoning at
Thu May 18 10:55:49 CDT 2017

> On May 18, 2017, at 11:37 AM, John Wilson via cctalk <cctalk at> wrote:
> Paul Koning via cctalk wrote:
>> As an RTS?  Wow, that's doing it the hard way.  In either RT or RSX
>> emulation it would be easier, you have a friendlier development
>> environment that way.  I've done an application as an RTS in the long-ago
>> past (an implementation of QUBIC, 3D 4x4x4x tic-tac-toe for a classmate)
>> but that was on V5B, where an RTS was the only way to do assembly
>> programming on RSTS.
> This was for the command-line interface, which I needed to be absolutely,
> totally, seriously ^C and ^^C proof if I was going to let random outsiders
> dial up my RSTS machine.  It worked nicely ...

Oh yes, that would be a possible reason.  Binary mode I/O will also do that, though at a price that may be too high.  Finally, in V9.0 and later, you can use a captive account to ensure that it can't escape the file, which means that control/c may abort the program but it won't let the user into places you don't want to allow.


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