Eunice BSD on TK50

Jason T silent700 at
Fri May 19 15:56:16 CDT 2017

I have here a shipping box, a shrink-wrapped TK50 tape and various
docs for Wollongong Group's "EUNICE BSD," which I take to be a BSD
Unix-like environment for VMS.  I can't find a copy of either the docs
nor the bits online.

I will take care of scanning the docs.  I would like to send this tape
to someone - Al K getting first shot if he's interested - who can
image the TK50 cart and make it available to all.  I have a spotty
TKZ50 drive that I'd rather not risk this potentially valuable data

The tape is marked:

"EUNICE BSD Binary Distribution Relase # E-11575-IP.  Users: UL"

Hooray, unlimited license!

Any takers?


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