BBS software for the PDP 11

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On 5/19/2017 5:13 AM, Peter Corlett via cctalk wrote:
> Anyway, for those of us in Amsterdam who can actually be bothered to find and
> hold down a job, go out and do the shopping, etc, we're replacing blown
> incandescents with LED bulbs because that's what they sell in the shops.
> Incandescent bulbs are exotic specialist items.
The CFL lighting was subsidized by the local California Utilities,
because the state has an incentive for Utilities to either build
efficient plants and expand capacity, or incentivize people to reduce
consumption by some amounts to offset that requirement.

They are doing  the same for some LED lighting now, though not as much
as they did for CFL at this point.

At one point I could buy a flat of 60W CFL's for $2.00, which had maybe
20 bulbs in it.  Still have it with bulbs.


And if you break one you  have to call HAZMAT.  You did realize that,
didn't you?  They contain mercury and any breakage requires professional
remediation by law!!


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