Commercial AIM-65 Video Controller?

dwight dkelvey at
Fri May 19 23:46:33 CDT 2017

I don't believe the AIM-65 normally does color??


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Subject: Commercial AIM-65 Video Controller?

Any idea what this thing is?

Didn't come up with much of anything with Motion Control, Inc.

I did plug it in, and it seemed to come alive. I tempted fate again and
plugged a composite video source into the input, and a monitor into the
output. One pot on top adjusts the vertical sync, apparently; other than
making the colors slightly weird, the video came through more or less the
same. The other two (marked Y and Z cal) seemed to change nothing. The
switch mounted behind the pots caused the LED display to change (as seen in
the pictures), though the switch mounted closer to the right side of the
unit seemed to make no difference.

When I get done moving, I'll dump the EPROMs and get more pictures,
especially if there's sufficient interest.



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