KDF 8189 processor board foobared (ebay warning)

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Sat May 20 16:19:48 CDT 2017

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>>     > I just ran across a sale on epay by a guy who thought you could pull
>>     > the processor chip off the board and sell each in separate auctions.
>> There are a lot of idiotz out there.
>> I ran into one who'd removed a group of boards from (probably) an -11/40, and
>> then scrapped away the rest of the machine (including an RK11-D backplane).
>> I took _great_ pleasure in informing him that the stuff he'd scrapped had
>> been worth several times what the boards he had 'saved' had been worth.
>> Noel
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> Be kind!
> Many years ago, before I discovered that people actually valued and collected this useless junk I bought a Northstar-in-a-desk at auction, threw the innards in the trash and kept the desk (now holding a stack of Cromemcos ;-).
> m
The fellow responded and as I had suspected had never seen anything this 
old before and had thought that the parts were separable.  He will be 
possibly re-combining them later.  (I had figured he did not know it was 
not a case like PC's where the processors and MB's were routinely 

I'm sending along the link and contact to some who PM'ed me as well.

Also he is going to hopefully share photos of the entire pile and I'll 
try to help him market the parts in the most profitable way for him.  I 
and the PM'er who will know who he is will hopefully rescue some stuff 
that way.


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