Announcing: VCF Midwest 12!

Jason T silent700 at
Sat May 20 20:05:17 CDT 2017

We did this nerd-fest thing at this hotel last year and no one
complained (much), least of all the hotel, so I think we're up for
another go.

The TWELFTH edition of the Vintage Computer Festival Midwest is
happening September 9th and 10th, 2017 in lovely Elk Grove Village,
Illinois, mere minutes from O'Hare International Airport and an array
suburban shopping and dining opportunities.

Those who have joined us in the past will be happy to know that we're
running the same show (and more!) this year: same location, same
hours, still free to attend, show or sell.  If you're new to VCF
Midwest, you can find all the relevant details at
If you have any questions not answered there, feel free to contact me

No registration is necessary to attend the show. If you would like a
table(s) for exhibition and/or vending, please contact us via the form
on our site at:  We'll do our best to
get you the space you need.

If you would like to volunteer a talk or demo between 30-60 minutes,
please contact us via the form  Our
friendly events coordinator will get back to you soon.

Hotel registration is now open!  Follow the link here or at and reserve your room at our
reduced rate of $89/night. The nights of the 8th, 9th and 10th are
available, with either a single King bed or a dual Queen room. If
you're staying additional nights, they will probably have to be booked
separately at the regular rate - however it's worth calling the hotel
directly at (847) 437-6010 and asking them for the "Vintage Computer
Fes" (yes without the "t") or "VIN" rate on the extra nights. No
guarantees they'll extend it but it's worth a try.  If you have any
other booking needs or difficulties, please call that number as well.
Do not call the main toll-free line for Holiday Inn/IHG. They don't
have the rate code and won't be able to help you.

Why wait?  Book your room and travel and mark your calendars TODAY.

For Facebook users, there's a FB event here:
For the tweeting kind, you may follow us at:
Does anyone use Google+ any more?  We have a page here:

VCF Midwest is a community-supported event, made possible through the
generous donations of attendees, vendors and the organizing staff.  As
such, we humbly beg for your contribution toward the show's expenses,
payable via the PayPal or GoFundMe links on our main page.  Every
donation helps and we appreciate them all.

See you in September!


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