Commercial AIM-65 Video Controller?

Lawrence Wilkinson ljw-cctech at
Sun May 21 10:08:36 CDT 2017

On 19/05/17 07:08, Kyle Owen via cctech wrote:
> Any idea what this thing is?

At a guess I would say it's for (sub-)titling. The text would have to go 
in via serial, with the colour set similarly or via the rotaries.

The video generator would be simple but would have to be locked to the 
input sync, so that might be what the pots are for.

RRRR would be red, GGGG green, YYYY would be brightness/luminance/green, 
and ZZZZ transparency, perhaps. There might also be setting for 
position, but I can't make them all out.

Maybe it would give some sort of startup output at power on (model, 
version) even without serial input?

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