FTGH Large amount of DEC/Misc Classic computer hardware

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Sun May 21 22:21:13 CDT 2017

Original post for Steve / everyone's reference

On 3/17/2017 12:56 PM, Peter C. Wallace via cctalk wrote:
> We need to move our business and I have about a ton of
> classic cimputer junk in the SFBA that need to go or get scrapped:
> Many Decstations (3100, 5000/1xx and 5000/240/260s series even a 5100)
> many Vaxstations 3100s mostly
> Vax 4000 300?
> 5" DEC hard drives
> Many DEC mice
> Small Alphas
> Dec/HP  CRT monitors
> HP ~1990s Unix workstations and parts
> Versatec CE3000 plotter (huge)
> test equipment (misc Tek scopes and plugins mainly)
> Symbolics 3645? (from Guy Sotomayer a few years back)
> HP 2115? mini
> PDP 11
> Couple 3 KW UPSs with bad batterys
> SR22 calculator
> Altos 5 15
>  etc
> Would really like all to go to someone in the CC community who can 
> take all and sort/distribute themselves rather than cherry pick but 
> that may be optimistic...
> Peter Wallace
Richmond CA (Hilltop business park)  From this I googled the approximate 
location below

I'm too far away to make a significant run, but would love some of the 
mentioned things if someone could arrange for me (contact off list).


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