PDP Power Usage WAS: BBS software for the PDP 11

Jon Elson elson at pico-systems.com
Mon May 22 11:15:56 CDT 2017

On 05/22/2017 10:23 AM, Doug Ingraham via cctalk wrote:
> For even less power would be to use an Arduino (probably a 
> Due) because then you are talking less than 4 watts. This 
> would be about 35 cents per month. I wouldn't want to run 
> my Straight 8 24x7.and pay the power bill. 
Or, a Beagle Bone Black, also about 3-5 W depending on CPU 
load, but has a 1 GHz 32-bit RISC processor.
Definitely slower than a top of the line desktop, but 
certainly usable.


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