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Mon May 22 13:16:59 CDT 2017

> On May 22, 2017, at 1:44 PM, Jim Brain via cctalk <cctalk at> wrote:
> OK, go ahead and roll your eyes at me, but I was Dayton Hamvention last weekend, and there was a lonely Teletype Model 43 sitting in the flea market (on the ground, no less) for free, and so I decided I needed it in my life.
> I know it's not considered a "true" teletype, because it's essentially a little uC, a KB, and a little dot matrix printer, but I will wear the stigma of shame of not owning a "proper" mechanical model 33.  I got home last night, and the unit fires up and works (well, in local mode.  Docs claim it is rs232 out the back, but could not coax anything from my PC to it yet), 

Does your PC have real RS232?  A lot of "RS232" ports are serial ports, but not with correct RS232 levels.  If you have "TTL RS232" [sic] it won't work with an actual RS232 port.

It may also be RS232-like, as in bipolar signals, but not high enough output voltages to be compliant.  I think modern RS232 receivers tend to accept lower signal levels than the minimum permitted by the spec; older ones may be less forgiving.

Finally, check your DTE vs. DCE orientation; you may need a null modem.  (Or you may not want a null modem.)


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