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Not exactly computer related, but many years ago I was looking for a new slide projector. 
I went into Dixons, at the time a UK electronics and photo store.
A young man who said he knew everything about projectors said he would show me the device..
After asking a couple of questions, and receiving replies I knew from reading around, were wrong,
I asked him how easy it was to change the bulb. After 15 enjoyable minutes during which he removed every component, apart from the bulb, (well I enjoyed them, but struggled to keep a straight face)
I said thank you, it was obviously too hard for me, leaving him to re-assemble the thing. Not sure how long he took, I didn't wait to find out..
I then bought the same model from another store (Boots for the UK readers) who were IMHO equally incompetent, but they offered a free 5-Year guarantee...
.. My wife said I was being cruel, and I said, no, all he had to do was admit he didn't know how to change the bulb and find some one who could...


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> I had an employee of an electronics store tell me that the IBM modem
> software on the 5.25" floppy for Windows would work fine on my
> Macintosh... in the days long before Macintosh systems used non-Motorola
> processors.
> That was a fun 'discussion'.
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> >> Does your PC have real RS232? A lot of "RS232" ports are serial
> >> ports, but not with correct RS232 levels. If you have "TTL RS232"
> >> [sic] it won't work with an actual RS232 port.
> >
> > The "CLASSIC" example: manager of the Radio Shack Computer Center told
> > me that the TRS80 Model 1 Expansion Interface RS-232 board was, "by
> definition"
> > completely "standard" for RS-232, since "RS-232" stood for "RADIO SHACK
> 232".
> >
> My jaw would not only have dropped at that statement, but it likely would've
> broken the hinge as well.
> It reminds me of the time a cow-orker went to the local Radio Shack looking
> for a GasFET and was told he'd have better luck at an auto parts store.
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