Directory of old computer collectors

jim stephens jwsmail at
Mon May 22 21:49:04 CDT 2017

On 5/22/2017 7:28 PM, Cameron Kaiser via cctalk wrote:
>> I have no idea if I am on this list or not but I do not want to be on it at
>> all.
> Likewise. Although I support the general notion, I have no idea if I was
> listed on it either, and it would have been better to contact the people on
> it individually regarding permission IMHO. I'd prefer not to paint a target
> on my house if someone were searching the local assessor's database.
Steve sent out individual notifications, also.  I suspect the email to 
the list is to rouse those who may not have answered, or had emailed him 
on an old / disused email.

I gave permission.  My name isn't anywhere anyone can find an accurate 
location.  Used a special email on my domain, so can tell if it abused 
somehow, and also have a spam proof phone#.

I have no problem, would welcome people seeing my name and calling to 
see if I have interest or capability to look at vintage systems. Would 
call others and Steve if could pick up but not use.

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