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>> Hi Jim,
>> Anybody that is paranoid about telling their location and the computer
>> dinosaurs running in their basement needs a head alignment.
> It seems that you are suggesting people are worried about their collections
> being attractive to thieves. Well, that may be true for the lucky few, but
> for me it is simply about coordinates for identity theft and other kinds of
> criminality.
> Regards
> Rob
Rob hit the nail.

I think the collection has limited value at best and likely only a few
select pieces.

However,  To make the point to someone I showed them what they put on
the net and then
compiled it into a picture of who, what, and even when.  They
immediately stopped posting
all their daily activities and much of the personal stuff.

In my case if you can't figure out where I am from a ham call your
beyond hope
and unlikely to be a risk.


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