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Wed May 24 08:37:59 CDT 2017

> > Anybody that is paranoid about telling their location and the computer
> > dinosaurs running in their basement needs a head alignment.
> Randy, with all due respect, have you seen how much an Apple 1 or a 
> Lisa... or even their _drives_ go for lately? Symbolics machines? Crays? 
> One-offs or limited-run machines?
> While I don't disagree that a lot of us (without question myself included) 
> vastly overrate their collection of bits and pieces, that is not to say 
> that _some_ of them can be worth staggering amounts of money to the right 
> people.

And let's not forget that crooks can overestimate how much they can fence
an item for, too. They may be wrong, but you're still out the unit plus any
damage they caused.

eBay's been great for thieves as well.

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