Kryoflux or Catweasle

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> > In point of advancing technology, one can purchase a STM32F4 development
> > board with USB, UART, microSD, battery-backed RTC and oodles of timers
> > and I/Os as well as a TFT interface for less than $12 shipped.  Almost
> > all I/Os are 5V tolerant--and can be configured as open-drain if
> > desired.  192KB of fast SRAM and a CPU running at about 168MHz.
> > Perfectly capable of doing sampling of floppy output.
> Some of us just want a working solution. So, any links for hardware,
> software and an assembly description?
> A Kryoflux would work, but since the software they provide isn't open
> source, I can't compile it to work on the platform I use.

I looked at snagging the protocol used for their dtc program. It doesn't
look hard...

But I have a mac, so I don't need worry, and it is a super easy solution to
archive disks. I doubt I could do better with dd given the variety of
diskettes I have.


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