DIY Kryoflux or Catweasle

Fred Cisin cisin at
Wed May 24 17:00:01 CDT 2017

>> But who wants to write the software?
On Wed, 24 May 2017, Chuck Guzis via cctalk wrote:
> Yes, just so.  I learned about that one decades ago.

It just needs to be open source software, open source hardware, also 
available assembled, optionally bundled with or mounted in floppy drives 
for 3.5" 5.25", 8".
It should sell for less than $20 (with 3.5" drive, slightly higher with 
8", even higher with multi-drive 3",3.25",3.5",5.25",8" in a single 
Support should be live 24/7.

The software needs to function under DOS, Windoze, Linux, Mac, Android.
The software needs to provide raw flux transitions, along with 
firmware to be compatible and work with CatWeasel, Kryoflux, Option Board 
It should have imaging software, both flux transition and IMD 
It needs to provide disk, track, sector data.
It needs to include complete emulation of WD-179x, and NEC-765 
controllers.  The NEC emulation should provide optional going blind after 
index, as well as multiple variations of how it handles 128 byte sectore.
WD-179x support should also add WD-1771 address mark support (TRS80)
It should have windows drivers that permit it to be the floppy system.

It should be able to duplicate ANY disk, including all copy-protection 
schemes. (supply a paper-clip for making scratch for pro-lock)

It should have "Installable File System" support sufficient to be able to 
mount 2500 different floppy disk formats.
Sufficient buffer to read data from disk in one format, reformat the disk 
in another format, and write the data back to it.
Its software should identify and report the disk format of the disk in the 

Optional scan and repair of file-system and sector errors, including 
"refresh format" (read data from track, reformat track, write data back 
Multi-language spell-chequer?
Alignment exerciser, plus software for DDD in ROM.

Built-in SD slot for storing content of disks.

support for disk changer and high speed copying

Interface should include USB (micro-USB for Android), RS232, 
Centronics-style parallel, 20-mA, . . .

Should it include emulation and drive support for ST412/506? ESDI? SCSI?

But, we're probably not including some essential capability.
Whatever features it has, SOMEBODY will say that it is INSANE to have 
bothered with some of those features, but not to have included some other 
feature that they want.

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