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jim stephens jwsmail at
Wed May 24 19:39:03 CDT 2017

On 5/24/2017 5:23 PM, Ian Finder via cctalk wrote:
> JP wrote:
>> Randy, with all due respect, have you seen how much an Apple 1 or a
> Lisa... or even their_drives_  go for lately?
Yes and I would never keep such in a home w/o proper security. Someone 
with $1m assets should not have them were they can be casually accessed 
or stolen.

you are talking about a couple of people out of the thousands who have 
piles of what is steel breakage and a bit of copper scrap to thieves.  
And I don't know any of them that want such.

As Ian says, lots of weight, probably $5 copper for one Symbolics box.

On the other hand a bolt cutter and less muscle, they can chop the A/C 
condenser lines and get $100.  no brains, no shopping.

happend to me.  Just with I'd had cyanide or ammonia gas to release when 
the pricks stole mine.

The Revision 2 implementation that I put in to replace the means it is 
secured now will take a long time, or a small bobcat to pull it out now.


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