Alphaserver 4100 - Give my Monster Life!!!!

Pete Lancashire pete at
Wed May 24 19:08:36 CDT 2017

Displaying that Motif session on a 'real' CRT that takes 1/3 of your desk,
weights 50+ lbs and takes around 150W.

-pete ...

On Wed, May 24, 2017 at 4:51 PM, Richard Loken via cctalk <
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> My monster lives!
> After being brought home in a dozen parts, cleaned with Windex and an air
> compressor, and reassembled, my Alphaserver 4100 is once again up and
> running OpenVMS.  There were a couple minor snags while I went up to the
> attic to find a CPU fan, move a ton of stuff to find an electrical outlet,
> and reseated the memory modules but all that is behind me now.
> It is using lots of electricity and making lots of noise while displaying
> a Motif session in a 19" liquid crystal monitor without a stand...
> What could be better than this?
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