Atari ST SCSI hard drive question

Win Heagy wheagy at
Wed May 24 19:12:29 CDT 2017

I have an Atari 1040ST that I picked up some time back.  It is very clean
and for the most part appears to work.  It has what appears to be some kind
of generic SCSI hard drive (no markings except a serial number on the back)
as well as a DMA/SCSI adapter.  The computer will boot to GEM/TOS with or
without a floppy, but I can't seem to get the HD to do much.  The HD powers
up and spins/clicks like you'd expect, but after that, I get nothing on the
desktop.  I tried different SCSI device number settings as well as moving
the SCSI plug to each of the two plugs on the drive.  It did not have a
SCSI terminator with it, but I picked one up...made no difference.

I know very little about STs, so am learning as I go.  I'm guessing that
maybe there should be a driver for the HD?  The machine came with software,
but I don't see anything that looks like an HD driver disk.  It has two
slightly different language disks and will boot each of them successfully,
but the HD does not show up.  Is anyone familiar with this particular drive
and can possibly point me in the right direction?

The adapter on top is a male to female adapter.  Not sure what that was
for.  The SCSI terminator is plugged in the back below the DMA/SCSI adapter.

wheagy at

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