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> Subject: Atari ST SCSI hard drive question
> I have an Atari 1040ST that I picked up some time back.  It is very clean and
> for the most part appears to work.  It has what appears to be some kind of
> generic SCSI hard drive (no markings except a serial number on the back) as
> well as a DMA/SCSI adapter.  The computer will boot to GEM/TOS with or
> without a floppy, but I can't seem to get the HD to do much.  The HD powers
> up and spins/clicks like you'd expect, but after that, I get nothing on the
> desktop.  I tried different SCSI device number settings as well as moving the
> SCSI plug to each of the two plugs on the drive.  It did not have a SCSI
> terminator with it, but I picked one up...made no difference.
> I know very little about STs, so am learning as I go.  I'm guessing that maybe
> there should be a driver for the HD?  

The ST will boot from the SCSI bus so any driver normally lives on the Hard Drive and is loaded via the boot.

> The machine came with software, but I
> don't see anything that looks like an HD driver disk.  It has two slightly
> different language disks and will boot each of them successfully, but the HD
> does not show up.  Is anyone familiar with this particular drive and can
> possibly point me in the right direction?
> The adapter on top is a male to female adapter.  Not sure what that was for.
> The SCSI terminator is plugged in the back below the DMA/SCSI adapter.

That is an ICD adaptor and so needs the special ICD software. As this was saleable I have three suggestions: -

1. It was just binned as someone didn't know it was valuable.
2. It was sold as it was valuable
3. He used a hooky copy.

The ICD web site is up but no products are available.

I thought there was a copy on the Atari Archive at UMICH but it appears not.

but the standard Atari software is available there. I think it works with the ICD adaptors.

The only available driver is that from here:-

which is really good. The demo will at least see the SCSI IDs...

most Atari action now takes place on the Atari Forums, which I never look at these days. Google it...

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