HP 9836 systems and Fuji Pictrography 4000 printer available

David Collins davidkcollins2 at gmail.com
Sat May 27 19:45:05 CDT 2017

Marc, I'm scrapping a 9826 right now as part of a clean-up of the HP Computer Museum and have a keyboard (or specific keycaps) and power switch available for the cost of shipping.  If you have any specific IO boards you are after I might have some of those spare as well. 

Let me know. 

David Collins
HP Computer Museum

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I might not take the whole machines, but I could use parts. I am missing a few key caps/switches and a power switch on mine (the three of them which come... from you!). And extra IO boards are always welcome. Before you scrap everything, let me know if I can come on Sunday.




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Spring cleaning time!


I have three vintage HP 9836 computers, two monochrome monitors, one color

monitor and three printers.

I'm sure they are going to need work to get running. No testing has been

done. Could probably get two out

of the three working. Somewhere I have a few various I/O cards also that

will be included.

The video boards (in the main unit, under the left disk drive) are different

between mono and colour versions of the 9836. You can't use a colour

monitor on a monochrome machine or vice versa. So if somebody

ends up taking 1 or 2 machines, make sure you get the right monitors.


An easy way to tell them apart without dismantling is that the colour

machine has a thumbwheel (contrast control) on the bottom.. Left

side, about level with the front of the drives. The mono machine

doesn't. The mono motor has a knob on the back, the colour

monitor has an IEC mains connector.





I looked at the three machines. Two are monochrome and the third has a 

sticker saying it's been upgraded to

an 9836C so that's the one for the color monitor.


Unfortunately, it looks like no one is interested in them so they might 

get scrapped. Oh well... I just don't have

room to keep everything.






Vintage computers and electronics






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