HP9816 keyboard plunger wanted.

Mattis Lind mattislind at gmail.com
Sun May 28 10:50:12 CDT 2017


I recently received a HP9816 machine. The previous owner originally got the
machine without a keyboard but subsequently sourced a keyboard off ebay.

Unfortunately this keyboard was not in the best shape. One key was stuck
and when taking it apart it was evident that it has taken a bath for quite
some time. At least the electronics around the space bar were quite
affected with corrosion. Luckily this keyboard is quite simple design with
only CMOS 4XXX IC, and better yet, Tony Duell has already reverse
engineered it (together with the rest of this little machine). Thanks a lot

But the stuck key appeared to be cause by the "plunger" (is that the
correct english word?) is slightly cracked in the corner. When the keytop
is inserted it is not sliding very well.

I have not found a method of repairing it so I am asking the community if
there are anyone that has spare "plungers" for the HP9816 keyboard.


This is the keyboard at the hpmuseum.net page:


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