HP9816 keyboard plunger wanted.

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Sun May 28 18:40:30 CDT 2017

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>> Hello!
>> But the stuck key appeared to be cause by the "plunger" (is that the
>> correct english word?) is slightly cracked in the corner. When the keytop
>> is inserted it is not sliding very well.
>> I have not found a method of repairing it so I am asking the community if
>> there are anyone that has spare "plungers" for the HP9816 keyboard.
> I believe the same plungers were used on many other machines. I know for
> a fact that a VT52 keycap will fit an HP9816 keyboard, so the plunger is
> very likely to be the same as that machine. Other likely ones are VT100,
> early TRS80 model 1, TI99/4A, HP85 (etc). That may help you find a scrap
> keyboard to raid.
> -tony
They may not all be the same; I have a bunch of DEC assemblies and although I'm sure they'd take the same keytop, at least the plungers I have are quite different. There are latching and non-latching versions but unlike the ones in the picture they don't have slots in the side and instead of being retained by a protruding little latch as in the picture these are held in by a tiny L-shaped piece of wire that rides in a closed slot or a latching triangular slot. They're also black.

But perhaps DEC used different types...


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