Help cloning an SGI boot drive

Pete Turnbull pete at
Sun May 28 18:37:41 CDT 2017

On 28/05/2017 23:45, Mazzini Alessandro via cctalk wrote:

> I tried to clone a boot drive ( on a bigger one ), using one of the
> scripts on nekochan. The disk was initialized , labelled then
> formatted by the script, and cloned. The data is present if I mount
> it
> The issue starts when I change the id and try to boot from it...

What is the script?  The best online resource I can suggest is Ian 
Mapleson's page on cloning, at (use the tar method if 
the disk is EFS rather than XFS).  I do this quite often without any 
issue, mostly on Indys, though I use tar slightly differently (to 
exclude /proc and mounts).

If you boot with the original working disk, with the clone connected, 
what does fx(1M) show for the clone?
[start fx (you need to be root), select the controller, drive,and LUN 0, 
then do label, show, all]

>> From Prom, ls gives :
> dksc(0,1,8)/:
> sgilabel sash symmon
> esf read error, bad count
> no file
> system found for "/".

and what does the output of nvram(1M) show, especially for 
SystemPartition and OSLoadPartition?

Pete Turnbull

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