What is this bus?

jim stephens jwsmail at jwsss.com
Mon May 29 11:06:43 CDT 2017

On 5/29/2017 8:38 AM, Al Kossow via cctalk wrote:
> On 5/28/17 8:28 PM, jim stephens via cctalk wrote:
>> The Pascal Microengine had a black and brushed aluminum package
> There was a bus version. I have cards, but no backplane.
I saw a lot of WD PME scrap here, even engineering stuff.  The staff 
shared a building with a friend, and some stuff I had came down the hall 
from there to scrap dealers.

I don't recall seeing anything that fit with what the guy had in the 
photos here with the open frame supply.  Could be for the PME, but would 
maybe be a refugee prototype or such.

The offices which had some of the development was in Sky Park Circle in 
Irvine, colocated with Technology Marketing, Inc.

Some financial people who had dealings with Microdata's founding owned 
the building that had both TMI and the WD offices located there.

Albert Wong (IIRC) of the A in AST worked at TMI with a friend till the 
ramp up of AST drew him in.


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