(Mostly Sun) Hardware and Docs in Arlington MA

Phil Budne phil at ultimate.com
Mon May 29 17:19:21 CDT 2017

The following would like to find new homes: Not ESPECIALLY interested
in boxing/shipping (the docs would be easy, and would love to see them
preserved for posterity).

BOXED SunOS 4.0 doc set with 4.0.1 update
    2 lg , 1 medium, 2 small boxes
    Also have SunOS 4.1.2 install manual

Sun Hardware (specs from stickers, not validated)
    2 SPARCstation IPC
    2 SPARCstation IPX (1 w/ PowerUp 80Mhz CPU, which stopped working?)
	    any all of the above may have bad power supplies
    2 SPARCstation LX (one marked 32MB, no floppy)
    1 SPARCstation Classic (no floppy)
    3 SPARCstation 10 (10/30 w/ 16MB, 10/41 w/ 80MB, 10/41 w/ 64MB)
    1 SPARCstation 4 (bad P/S)
    1 SPARCstation 5

    SUN QIC (150?) drive in box
    SCSI CD-ROM in enclosure
    Many 50 pin SCSI cables

AT&T "UNIX PC" (7300?) w/ mobo, monitor, keyboard & mouse
    No hard drive.  The owner got bored when the grounding on the
    HD started making noise.  I think he yanked the 68000 chip,
    and perhaps others.

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