Giving away my collection to someone just starting out in the hobby

drlegendre . drlegendre at
Sat Oct 21 01:53:00 CDT 2017


I don't think I qualify to receive the whole shebang, nor would I have
room, but I will gladly take any box(es) un-tested / for parts / etc. C-64
hardware that you would care to offer.

I endeavor to repair CBM machines, primarily C-64s and I am basically out
of parts. I have 8-10 machin

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> After many years of collecting,  Im tired of moving it all
> So ive picked out 4 or 5 systems that mean alot to me.    And i want to
> pass the rest of the collection onto someone starting out in the hobby that
> wouldnt otherwise have the funds to get some of the stuff I have.
> So if there is anyone out there starting out and wants what I have I will
> gladly hand it over to them free of charge.    I would like to see this go
> to someone who doesn't have anything.
> I have apple, commodore, sun, x86 you name it I got it.  about  4
> truckloads full if not more.
> Im located in Mid Michigan
> Steve

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