Pine (was: Re: cctalk Digest, Vol 17, Issue 20)

Sean Conner spc at
Sun Oct 22 21:38:55 CDT 2017

It was thus said that the Great Fred Cisin via cctalk once stated:
> >>I'm considering doing something that actually
> >>downloads my Gmail content locally and keeps it
> >>in sync periodically, but I haven't really
> >>looked at what's necessary for that.
> On Sun, 22 Oct 2017, Angel M Alganza via cctalk wrote:
> >Have a look at mbsync/isync if you still haven't
> >done anything about it on those two years.  LOL
> >It does exactly what you wanted.
> >Cheers,
> >�ngel
>   ^
> example
> A minor problem - A lot of mail that I receive won't display pro[perly on 
> PINE (such as the first letter of your name in your signature!
> I end up forwarding some mail FROM PINE, TO GMail to be able to read it!

  I have:


as part of my environment, and I'm using a font that supports UTF-8.  Then
again, I'm using mutt, which supports locales and so it's only the really
malformed emails that end up garbled on my end.

  Note---UTF-8 is now 25 years old, so it should be fine for this list 8-P


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