Which Dec Emulation is the MOST useful and Versatile?

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Tue Oct 24 08:07:28 CDT 2017

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> > Hi DEC Enthusiast's,
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> > If I were to have to decide on just one model DEC PDP system to run in a
> > Emulator, which one would be the most useful, versatile and has the most
> > software available for it?
> >

I think OS/8 is pretty good for a one user system, if that's what you're
using it for.  You already kind of know it and one can run a lot of
languages on it.  I'd agree about the 11/70, but only if you're running the
kinds of applications found on the disk images that are out there.
Otherwise over time you can make your own tapes/RL02/RK05.etc disk pack
sets (or whatever) to emulate in.

I have a Next Thing CHIP with as many SimH builds and images as I could
find and test to set up, DEC included, so I can switch around at will.  I
have my a serial terminal for I/O.  Certainly never get bored with that
kind of setup.


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