Which Dec Emulation is the MOST useful and Versatile?

allison allisonportable at gmail.com
Tue Oct 24 09:32:09 CDT 2017

>> On Oct 24, 2017, at 1:44 AM, Kip Koon via cctalk <cctalk at classiccmp.org> wrote:
>> Hi DEC Enthusiast's,
>> If I were to have to decide on just one model DEC PDP system to run in a DEC
>> Emulator, which one would be the most useful, versatile and has the most
>> software available for it?
>> I have only ever used a real PDP-8/e system way back in high school so I'm
>> not up to par on any other model of DEC PDP system and I only know BASIC on
>> the PDP-8/e so not much there either.
>> I hear a lot about the PDP-11.  I found out that there were 16 major PDP
>> models at one time so I'm not too sure which one to pick.
>> I built Oscar Vermeulen's PiDP-8/I which I'm waiting on 1 part for.  Other
>> than that project which is in a holding pattern at the moment, I have no
>> other PDP anything running in any form.
The problem is how your asking.

First question is there is not one PDP system  and more than there is 
one FORD.
So you have to narrow the question to your interests such as 12, 16, 18, 32,
  or 36 bit systems as DEC made many very different systems.

Of those the PDP-8 series, 12 bit are interesting.
PDP11 the 16bit line
or for the unusual 18 bit PDP-7 or 36 bit PDP10.
There is even emulation for PDP-1 (18bit).

When you ask what is more versatile are you asking about the emulator or
the emulated end system?

For most the PDP-8 as its one system where the hardware and software is 
understandable to the lowest levels.

For the PDP-11 the variety of hardware and system configurations are 
nearly exceeded
by operating system and user software.  Its also the definitive Unix 
machine to some.
Its is one of my favorites either 11/73 as hardware or 11/70 as a sim.

As to SIMs  SIMH is by far the most widely known and versatile, with it 
and software
you can emulate most anything even something from your imagination.

E-11 Aka Ersatz-11 is a very good PDP-11 emulator.

There are no shortage of other simulators.  I'm sure everyone has their 

Me I'm into the actual hardware so I have PDP-8F, an assortment of 
PDP11s from
the initial LSI-11 though the 11/73 hardware.  That and a boat load of 
systems.  I limit my DEC systems to that scope for space mostly. THe 
rest of the
hardware in the collection is CP/M based (S100, Kaypro, Ampro...).

So pick a DEC system that has interest and simulate it or all if you 
have time.


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