Cleaning and Restoring a Badly Corroded PSU

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Actually I didn't say they have leaked, but I do say that they could only
have leaked from the bottom, but you can't tell. This does appear to be what
happened to some of the capacitors I had on the other PSU I repaired
recently, although again I can't be sure. However there *is* something on
the board to which dirt and little shards from the heat sinks appears to be
sticking at least a bit, but perhaps it is just dirt that has absorbed
humidity. Certainly the board has been in some kind of humid environment,
the case itself is quite rusty in places. So it is probably more like
someone else suggested, and not capacitor leakage but a humid/damp storage


Either way, does anyone know if those heatsinks are a standard part? If not
I am not averse to replacing them with something else, but it would be nice
to keep things as original as possible.






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I don't see why you have assumed that one of the capacitors has leaked. The
corrosion could have come from water or condensation onto the board.

I don't see any corrosion on the components.




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I am now looking at the H7826 PSU that came with a TURBOchannel Extender. It
looks like there may have been capacitor leakage and some heatsinks will
need to be replaced. I have posted pictures here:


So two questions:


1.       Any suggestion on how to clean the board? Some of the corners are a
bit inaccessible to reach with just a cotton bud and isopropyl.

2.       Do those heat sinks have a particular name/spec that I can search





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