Convex Computer Corporation manuals

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Tue Oct 24 12:08:38 CDT 2017

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>Anybody want some Convex Computer Corporation manuals on microfiche. The
>titles are:
>   - CONVEX C Guide
>   - CONVEX C Optimization Guide
>   - CONVEX FORTRAN User's Guide
>   - CONVEX FORTRAN Reference Manual
>   - CONVEX FORTRAN Optimization Guide
>   - CONVEX VECLIB User's Guide
>   - CONVEX LSQPACK User's Guide
>Free to a good home or it will be plastic recycling

Yes, please! I¹d very happily pay for shipping to the Netherlands. I have
several Convex systems, two C1¹s, a C220, and a C240. The C220 is working
now, I¹m still trying to bring the others back to life.


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