Digression - Ah Yes!! The PDP-10

Robert Adamson bob at theadamsons.co.uk
Wed Oct 25 14:55:32 CDT 2017

Beginning of the 70's I was using a pdp-10 at TSL (Time Sharing Limited, UK)
over a phone line writing logic simulation software in Fortran. Remember it
fondly, especially the number of times I needed to redial in and try to
reconnect to my session. Still smell the teletype. Cost about £10 for the 20
seconds cpu-time or so just to compile the program!!!

Roll on a few years and I was actually at the console of a 10 at Smiths
doing IC layout graphics interactively on their Lady Jane suite. What a
great single-user machine!

(and I still remember my username and password from TSL, typed it so often
it burned in).


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> Ah the PDP10! Although the very first computer I used was a PDP11, it
> was so briefly that I really consider the PDP10 (in DECSYSTEM-20 form)
> to be my first computer. It is easy to emulate in SIMH, although the
> SIMH emulation is of a less capable processor (KS10) and I think KLH10
> is the best emulator for that (but I have never used it).
> Rob

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