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Here is the latest batch of items up for sale.  Full running list with
updates are here:

New items for October 26, 2017:

3Com Corp IE Controller (1982) ASST 0345-03 REV J - very early(?) IBM PC
ethernet controller; BNC and AUI connectors; good condition, maybe probably
still works []
3Com Etherlink II ASSY 2227-00 REV 08 - 8-bit PC ethernet controller; BNC
and AUI connectors; excellent condition
HP 82335 8-bit HP-IB ISA board - excellent condition - $35
Future Domain TMC-850MER "Apple Signal Port" 8-bit ISA SCSI board - has
socket for BIOS EPROM; comes with 50-pin ribbon and Y-splitter power
cables; like new; []
- $30
Unpopulated (New Old Stock) Motorola MC68000 Educational Computer board -
like new condition - $20 shipped anywhere in USA
Sirius Systems Tech peripheral mainboard - for Victor 9000/ACT Sirius 1
computers; excellent physical condition, unknown functional condition - $13
shipped anywhere in USA

Panasonic Interface Adaptor RP-K100 - parallel port interface for Panasonic
word processor(?) - $5
Kroy Digital Cassette Drive Cat. No. 1674400 "290 Keyboard" - digital
microcassette data drive; 34-pin dual row connector; includes digital
microcassette tape - $15
APCON ACI-2016 SCSI Booster - 68-pin SCSI booster, w/power supply - $10
Advanced Electronic Applications PK-64 PAKRATT-64 - packet radio modem for
Commodore 64; excellent condition - $60
Remex 5.25" drive - inside external enclosure with power supply and 34-pin
connector; excellent condition inside and out - $15
HP 82950A Modem - includes severely water damaged but mostly readable users
manual - $45
HP 00085-15001 Mass Storage ROM - HP-85 mass storage ROM, allows HP 85A to
connect to disc drives - $25 shipped anywhere in USA
Avatex 1200HC 300/1200 external modem - $5
Atari SC1224 (Version 2) color monitor - powers up, has raster, do not have
cable to test - $70
Atari SH305 MegaFile 30 - contains Seagate ST-238R hard drive; powers up,
drive spins up, sounds healthy; case was slightly hacked by a less than
skilled hand to add status LEDs to the front as well as a slot for a 3.5"
removable drive (not present; includes custom internal 34-pin slot
connector to external DIN connector cable) - $50
Atari 1064 - 48K parallel port memory module for Atari XL series - $20
Atari SX212 Modem - for IBM PC and compatibles; in original box with
manual, power supply, and data cable
BMUGNET adaptors for Macintosh - made by Bay Area Mac User Group;
pre-Farallon PhoneNet adaptors; works similar to Apple LocalTalk - 2/$10
Sun Type 4 optical mouse - $5
Commodore 1531 Datasette - $15
Plus Development Corp. Impulse dual external hard drive unit - same maker
as Plus Hardcard; includes (2) Conner CP-340 40MB RLL drives, powers up and
drives spin up with healthy sound; unable to test further; requires DB-19
cable and PC interface board to be fully useful - $20
DSP 225 Tempest InkJet Printer - HP ThinkJet Model 2225A (HP-IB interface)
fitted inside an all black TEMPEST resistant enclosure, fine working
condition - $75

Computers and Such
Tektronix 4050 - complete working system in excellent condition with
manuals and software on QIC
Apricot F1 - CPU only; powers up, blurts out some strange "beep" and seeks
a boot disk; (2) internal 3" drivesl unable to test further
Motorola Envoy - (3) units with (1) charge station and extra battery
Commodore 16 - untested - $30
Osborne 1 - original tan case; fairly low serial number (A01284); powers
up, screen is good, tries to boot from disk drive; very good cosmetic
condition with some scuffs, leather handle is broken - $160
HP 7475A Plotter - full complement of pens are mostly dried out but it
performs the demo function admirably; excellent condition - $85
Lynx 460 floppy disk drive exerciser w/User's Manual and Xerox Supplement -
Atari Mega ST4 - powers up, seems to boot from the floppy drive, no monitor
cable so unable to test further; includes Practical Solutions Tweety Board
(adds true stereo) - $250
Radio Shack TRS-80 Model 100 - works great; very good condition with minor
yellowing and a couple scratches; includes form fitting faux leather case
in excellent condition - $40

Dolch Logic Instruments 9604 uP Trace Unit - logic analyzer module for
National Semiconductor NSC-800 microprocessor - $15
Tandy data cable - 34-pin slotted connector to Centronics male connector,
approx. 10' - $5

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