Vintage Computer Calendar 2018

Syd Bolton sbolton at
Fri Oct 27 21:59:44 CDT 2017

Hey folks;
The Personal Computer Museum ( is
offering a beautiful 2018 vintage computer calendar as a fundraiser. The
calendars are in hand and the cost is $20 Canadian (no tax).
shipping rates (in CAD) are $3.50 within Canada, $5.00 to the U.S. and
$10.50 to the rest of the world.
We accept Paypal via our website at
If you don't like Paypal, e-mail me
directly for other options!

The order page includes a sample of what it
looks like.
The computers included this year are:

IBM PC (1981), Kaypro
II (1982), Pencil II (1984), Exidy Sorcerer (1978), Commodore PET 4032
(1980), Apple ][+ (1979), Apple PowerBook 150 (1994),
Commodore 64
(1982), NeXTcube (1980), Superbrain QD (1979), Atari 800 (1979), Unisys
ICON (1986)

If you are interested please reply here or to
info at .... The quantities are limited.

Thanks for your


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