looking at buying a pocket PC / PDA

tom sparks tomasparks.ts at gmail.com
Sun Oct 29 05:05:48 CDT 2017

On 29/10/17 06:01, Evan Koblentz wrote:
>>> I am looking at buying a pocket PC / PDA, so I can write idea/notes 
>>> when I
>>> am away from my computer
> Hi Tom.
> Welcome to 1997. :-)
>>> the [Psion 3](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Psion_Series_3) and [Psion
>>> 5](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Psion_Series_5) look like good 
>>> options,
>>> but i read about the hinge/screen issues
>>> I am leaning more towards the Psion 5 because of the easy of getting
>>> accessories,
>>> but it has more things to break
>>> but I am wounding about other options?
>> "Wondering"? :-)
> Tom - Here's the dilemma. The pocket-sized DOS computers (HP-200, 
> Atari Portfolio, etc.) are too small for their keyboards to be useful. 
> The larger ones (all the Windows CE stuff that Liam mentioned, along 
> with the awesome Psion Series 7/Psion Netbook) have good keyboards and 
> screens, but they're fragile and kind of exotic for modern purposes.
> For me, the solution is modern produts. I use a high-end Android 
> smartphone and a low-end Chromebook. Either one is excellent when I 
> need a quick/simple note-taking device. With the phone I use the 
> "Google Keep" app for quite notes/lists. With the Chromebook I use an 
> offline app just called "Text" because it's extremely fast and has 
> good options.
I want something that has anti-procrastinate features (no internet, no 
videos, no mp3s, etc),
long battery life (40+ hours),
easy replaceable batteries

PS: I am adding it to my "off-line" gobag also

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