looking at buying a pocket PC / PDA

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> On 30/10/17 01:22, Mike Stein wrote:
>> Radio Shack M100 (if you've got a large pocket); still used by some writers for the very reason you mention.
>> m
> I did look at M100 and clones, but I ruled them out, as could not use 
> them without extra hardware to get some DOS-like filesystem

The internal file system isn't an issue for most people; the max ~30KB RAM disk (and file) size can be a limiting factor, but like many similar units you transfer files in and out via built-in utilities and an RS232 cable or $10.00 bluetooth dongle to whatever file system is at the other end including Android and the other main OSs.

But as you mentioned, if you otherwise like the unit and can live with an 8x40 (albeit large and very legible) screen, there are various modern expansion options available, including CP/M emulation (under active development).

What makes it still a popular unit are the character size and legibility, the excellent keyboard and the long 4xAA cell battery life; the otherwise identical T102 is a thinner and lighter version.


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>>> On 29/10/17 06:01, Evan Koblentz wrote:
>>>>>> I am looking at buying a pocket PC / PDA, so I can write idea/notes
>>>>>> when I
>>>>>> am away from my computer
>>>> Hi Tom.
>>>> Welcome to 1997. :-)
>>>>>> the [Psion 3](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Psion_Series_3) and [Psion
>>>>>> 5](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Psion_Series_5) look like good
>>>>>> options,
>>>>>> but i read about the hinge/screen issues
>>>>>> I am leaning more towards the Psion 5 because of the easy of getting
>>>>>> accessories,
>>>>>> but it has more things to break
>>>>>> but I am wounding about other options?
>>>>> "Wondering"? :-)
>>>> Tom - Here's the dilemma. The pocket-sized DOS computers (HP-200,
>>>> Atari Portfolio, etc.) are too small for their keyboards to be useful.
>>>> The larger ones (all the Windows CE stuff that Liam mentioned, along
>>>> with the awesome Psion Series 7/Psion Netbook) have good keyboards and
>>>> screens, but they're fragile and kind of exotic for modern purposes.
>>>> For me, the solution is modern produts. I use a high-end Android
>>>> smartphone and a low-end Chromebook. Either one is excellent when I
>>>> need a quick/simple note-taking device. With the phone I use the
>>>> "Google Keep" app for quite notes/lists. With the Chromebook I use an
>>>> offline app just called "Text" because it's extremely fast and has
>>>> good options.
>>> I want something that has anti-procrastinate features (no internet, no
>>> videos, no mp3s, etc),
>>> long battery life (40+ hours),
>>> easy replaceable batteries
>>> PS: I am adding it to my "off-line" gobag also

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