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> > Doesn't randomly crash.
> > Doesn't get viruses
> > Doesn't have licence agreements

Also: no ransomware.

> These devices are not without problems...
> If I use a Pen the ink leaks all over my shirt, 

> I switched to a clutch pencil and when I dropped it all the leads broke...

I have been using ballpen a lot. Problem was, when original ink holder
ran out, the replacements I could buy were of mediocore quality. So I
optimised and now go with disposables - like Stabilo. Also, Bic, if I
have chance. Or anything from that shelve, I am not purist.

As of ink leaks, perhaps holding pen in some hardened case would do?
Maybe together with notepad?

> .. the pad has limited capacity, and like an iPad is very
> susceptible to fluid damage and having little monetary value I have
> been known to leave it on the train/bus/plain and when I do I can't
> remotely erase the critical data on it...




Those too have limitations, but should be above the height of average
pickpocket/passerby. One of the limitations is, one requires quite a
bit of practice to do them in memory.

OTOH, when applied to short sequences of words, should be quite
strong, from what I have read.

When memorizing sequence of digits on paper, I could write a sentence
of words of proper length, or have many words of diffent length all
over the page and memorize the place of those which I need (just
guessing, will have to try it one day).

Tomasz Rola

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