looking at buying a pocket PC / PDA

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Sun Oct 29 18:57:11 CDT 2017

On 30/10/17 07:38, systems_glitch wrote:
> You might check out the Gateway HandBook series -- there's a 286 and 
> 486 version. I've got the 486 version, it'll run DOS/Win31/Win95 and 
> Linux/*BSD distros that support the 486. Suspend/resume is instant, 
> there's an internal battery to carry you through battery pack hot 
> swaps, and you can gut the old pack and restuff with modern cells. 
> I've been meaning to build a USB based pack replacement for mine, 
> using one or two 18650 cells, a charge controller, and a load share 
> switch IC. Gets around the problem of needing the Gateway charger, 
> which mine didn't come with :)
> I've got one of the above-mentioned GPD Pocket computers, it's fully 
> modern and comes with Windows 10 or Ubuntu. I've got mine running 
> Slackware, but I haven't had much time to mess around with it in the 
> past few months.
> In between the Handbook and the GPD Pocket, there's the Toshiba 
> Libretto line. There were a number of models, I've only ever had 
> Libretto 110CT machines, which are 233 MHz Pentium-MMX with up to 64 
> MB RAM. These run up to Windows 2000 just fine, and do fine with a 
> modernish CLI Linux/*BSD (though some distros are starting to drop 
> i586, and I've heard some distros will be dropping 32-bit Intel 
> altogether soon). Keyboard isn't as good as the Handbook, but it's 
> much better than the DOS palmtops I've used.
> Thanks,
> Jonathan
cant find the Gateway HandBook on ebay :(
if wanted the GPD Pocket i could buy these 
<https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pandora_(console)> or  GDP Win
Toshiba Libretto size issues

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>                 Radio Shack M100 (if you've got a large pocket); still
>                 used by some writers for the very reason you mention.
>                 m
>             I did look at M100 and clones, but I ruled them out, as
>             could not use
>             them without extra hardware to get some DOS-like filesystem
>         -----------
>         The internal file system isn't an issue for most people; the
>         max ~30KB RAM disk (and file) size can be a limiting factor,
>     30KB is a limiting factor me, as I dont know how many text files i
>     want to store
>           but like many similar units you transfer files in and out
>         via built-in utilities and an RS232 cable or $10.00 bluetooth
>         dongle to whatever file system is at the other end including
>         Android and the other main OSs.
>     I dont want to bring another computing device with me to act as
>     storage,
>     I want download all the data before I go and upload it when I
>     return or use a "dial-up" connection[^1]
>         But as you mentioned, if you otherwise like the unit and can
>         live with an 8x40 (albeit large and very legible) screen,
>         there are various modern expansion options available,
>         including CP/M emulation (under active development).
>         What makes it still a popular unit are the character size and
>         legibility, the excellent keyboard and the long 4xAA cell
>         battery life; the otherwise identical T102 is a thinner and
>         lighter version.
>     the final nail in the coffin for m100 is the size of my go bag (
>     23 * 16 * 1.5cm)
>         m
>         -------------
>     [^1]: I am really unsure if I want to go down the TCP/IP path

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